Winters can be tough on seniors, with cold temperatures and snow piling up, it’s enough to make you want to fly south. Well by joining the snowbird community you can head to warmer climates in the winter and back up north when it gets too hot. But moving every few months isn’t easy, so here are some tips on how to smoothly transition into the snowbird lifestyle.Snowbird Locations in Texas | Snowbirds for Life

The first step is finding a location that fits your lifestyle and budget. If you like having friends around you might want to move into a community, but if you like quiet you might want a beach house. Sun City is a perfect place for people looking to stay active, with plenty of clubs and events throughout the year snowbirds here will always be busy. Living in two places means costs will add up as you pay for property taxes and maintenance. Travel will also be costly over time so you have to budget accordingly.

Since you will be in this new location for a while, take the time to get to know it. Before signing the paperwork for a new house you should spend a month or two there to make sure that you will enjoy it.

When you have decided on your new home, it’s time to get set up. For tax purposes, you will need to label one of your homes as your primary residence. This can be done by having your legal documents (driver’s license, taxes, and voter registration) completed with your main address. To keep you from missing important mail like bills, sign up for electronic payments and reminders. Letting mail like newspapers and flyers pile up while you are gone can make your house a target for break-ins while you are away, so have a neighbor pick up anything left on your doorstep or sticking out of your mailbox.

Snowbird Locations in Texas | Snowbirds for LifeIf you are expecting to host guests at your winter home it’s important to get insurance in case someone is injured or there are any damages. Insurance will also come in handy if you live somewhere that gets hurricanes, just in case the worst should happen. Traveling can be risky in the winter no matter if you are flying or driving. Getting travel insurance will keep you from canceled flights, lost baggage, or nonrefundable tickets.

Letting a house sit for several months can lead to problems if you don’t take precautions before leaving. Make sure that when you leave your heat on at a low temperature to keep your pipes from freezing, and unplug appliances (which means you may need to empty your fridge and freezer). Create a list of emergency contacts in case something happens while you are out of town and give them to a trusted neighbor or relative in the area. That way if something happens they can let you know and get someone out to fix the problem.

The final step in transitioning into the snowbird life is an easy one: make this new house your home. You are going to be living here for several months so bring some creature comforts to help you settle in. Put up pictures of relatives, pack your favorite warm-weather clothes, and bring plenty for you to do.

Being a snowbird means a chance to meet new people and see new places. So say goodbye to snow and hello to months of sun and relaxation as you join the growing community of seniors escaping heading south for the winter.

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