Finding the right place to live as a senior can be confusing since there are so many options out there and you don’t want to get stuck in a place that doesn’t feel like home. The name “retirement community” might make you think of bingo halls and nursing staff, but not at Sun City. Here residents can enjoy quality amenities while still keeping their independence.Best Retirement Communities in Georgetown Texas

Living in a senior community doesn’t mean you have to sit at home bored or stuck with the same activities every day. At Sun City, every month features a variety of events like performers, classes, dances, even movie nights. A team of volunteer trip planners schedules road trips around Texas and the surrounding states. The various clubs also host their own events like the Actors and Theatre Arts Guild that puts on three shows a year. There is even a travel agency in the community offering tours and cruises around the world.

Getting older and moving into a senior community isn’t the end of your personal hobbies or the loss of friends. In fact, there are tons of clubs dedicated to social activities and learning new skills. You can join the photography club, garden club or woodworkers club, you can learn to dance at the ballroom club, or get involved in sports with softball or golf club. If you want to learn more about the clubs check out the home page.

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You might think retirement communities are for people who are too old to care for themselves. But Sun City is an active senior neighborhood where people can still live independently in their own homes but have access to the resources they need to stay healthy. There are fitness centers with exercise equipment, trainers, and classes. The community also has a resource booklet with information about doctors and nursing homes just in case.

Best Retirement Communities in Georgetown TexasAnd don’t forget your furry friends because they are welcome here too. Enjoy Georgetown’s bountiful sun with your pet at the “Barking Lot,” Sun City’s private dog park. Dog owners can also participate in a three-level training course; beginner (for dogs without basic training), intermediate (for learning more commands), and advanced (for learning therapy skills). If you don’t have a pet yet, there are two animal shelters in the area where you can find your new best friend.

Retirement homes don’t have to be stuffy apartment buildings, dining rooms, and nights spent sitting around. Sun City is a place where residents can make new friends and spend time doing the things you love.