June 12, 2020

Taxes and Retirement

When you retire, the last thing you want to be worrying about is money. But not having regular paychecks can put stress on even the most careful accountants. And with taxes taking some of your hard-earned savings, it is important to do what you can to protect your future. Understanding how you will be taxed can help you save for retirement or help make your money last through your golden years.

Tax BracketTaxes and Retirement

The first step to knowing how you will be taxed is learning what tax bracket you will be in, if you are in a low enough bracket you may only be taxed 10% on your income. To do that you need to add up the sources of taxable income (wages, tips, Social Security, and pensions), subtract any deductions, and apply any credits. Then put that information into a tax program or to your accountant to find out your tax bracket. For the 2020 tax season, brackets range from 32% on income over $207,350 to 10% on incomes $9,875 or lower (if you are filing jointly the income amounts double).

Once you know that it’s time to strategize how to make your retirement savings last as long as possible. One strategy is to live in a tax-friendly state where there is no income tax; some states that do this are Texas (the home of Sun City), Florida, South Dakota and Washington. Federal law states that you can’t be taxed on income made in another state so even if you move your savings will be secure.

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Another strategy is to reassess your investments, talk to a financial advisor about getting the most out of your stocks. Municipal bond interest isn’t charged tax but it could affect the tax on your Social Security benefits.

The Waiting Game

While it’s not possible for everyone, another option is to wait as long as possible before dipping into your Social Security. The longer you wait the more credits you earn which means more benefits that are potentially tax-free.

But taxes don’t always have to be a negative on your accounts. If you are still saving for retirement, you can put your tax refund to work by padding a savings account or for creating an emergency fund. You can also use it to pay off any large debts so you have less to worry about later on.

Your golden years may not be dripping in gold but you can still make yourself a comfortable nest egg. By being smart about your daily living expenses and tax payments you can ensure that you will have everything you need to live out your retirement dreams.

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Best Retirement Communities in Georgetown Texas

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6 Easy Steps to Move Into Your Senior (and best) Life

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June 1, 2020

Best Restaurants in Sun City Texas for Takeout

Sun City has some great restaurants but unfortunately, we have to do takeout right now. If you're tired of cooking and just want some really good food, here are some of the best restaurants in Sun City Texas for take-out.

Best Restaurants in Sun City Texas for Takeout


Mulligan's is located at 1530 Sun City Blvd. and serves breakfast lunch and dinner. They have unique, one-of-a-kind dishes, fresh ingredients, and create a homemade spin on our favorite meals. Right now they're doing takeout but, you can get some amazing meals just about anytime of the day. Consider their Tex-Mex Benedict. It's a normal eggs Benedict, with the addition of queso and a homemade biscuit. They have breakfast sandwiches, burritos, and omelets and make a delicious breakfast skillet. For lunch, you'll have to try their fried pickles, pork wings, which is an Asian inspired pork dish in a sweet and sour sauce and their unique avocado salad, which is to stuffed avocado halves with tuna or chicken salad. They have delicious burgers, country fried steak, liver and onions and fabulous Tex-Mex food. Be sure to give them a call at 512-688-5188 or check out their website for menus and ordering instructions.

Best Restaurants in Sun City Texas for Takeout

Wriggley's Pub

When you're out wandering around Georgetown Lake you have to stop in for a delicious burger and brew at Wriggley's Pub. Located at 1530 Sun City Blvd., this restaurant is open from 10 AM until 10 PM and serves up some great pub sandwiches, brick oven fired pizzas, and fantastic nachos. But for something more refined, check out the pear and spinach salad, the California club, or the stuffed tomato plate with tuna or chicken salad. They're doing takeout right now so check out their menu and order online.

Best Restaurants in Sun City Texas for Takeout

Simmer Down Café

This fantastic little breakfast joint serves much more than eggs Benedict. They're open every day but Monday from 11 AM till 8 PM and Saturdays and Sundays from 8 AM until 8 PM. They offer a great Sunday brunch. Located just around the Marketplace area at 4701-1 Williams Dr. this Café features Caesar salads, delicious French onion soup, chicken fried steak, one of the best Rubens around and my favorite, the Old Timer, a hamburger steak smothered with grilled onions, mushrooms, and brown gravy topped with cheddar cheese and a couple of sides.

Best Restaurants in Sun City Texas for Takeout

Lin's Café

This unique stop offers some of the tastiest Chinese and Asian cuisine in Georgetown. Located at 5725 Williams Dr., Lin's features delicious fried rice, yakisoba noodles, sesame chicken, honey crispy shrimp, Szechuan beef and scallops and my favorite, the compound triple delight, a spicy mix of shrimp, chicken, and beef in a spicy Kung pow sauce topped with peanuts. If you're craving some Asian cuisine, you have to check out Lin's.

Best Restaurants in Sun City Texas for Takeout

Honorable Mention

Catfish Parlour

Although this is more in Georgetown than the Sun City, it's fairly close and they're now open for limited dine-in, take-out, and curbside pickup. If you're craving seafood, you have to check out this great place. They have jumbo shrimp, fried oysters, fried catfish, blackened or grilled fish, and a fantastic express lunch Tuesday through Friday from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM with all-you-can-eat sides and veggies plus unique daily sides such as cinnamon apples, sweet potato fries, and butter beans.

There you have it, some of my favorite restaurants around Sun City Texas. If you have questions or you're looking to move to this area, I would love to chat with you more about this fantastic 55+ retirement community and all the perks you get just by living here.

Ready to move? Call me anytime for information on Sun City Real estate and homes in the area.

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Best Retirement Communities in Georgetown Texas

7 Mistakes to Avoid when buying a house Sight Unseen

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May 12, 2020

Best Hidden Gems in Georgetown Texas

If you're planning on moving to Georgetown for better yet, Sun City Texas, you probably are dying to check out the area. There are a lot of hidden gems, treasures, and places to explore throughout Georgetown but here are a few of my favorites.

Blue Corn Harvest Bar & GrillBest Hidden Gems in Georgetown Texas

For the ultimate in southern Tex-Mex cuisine, you have to check out this amazing bar and grill that not too many people know about. Let's talk about the extensive blood he married bar that you'll find here on the weekends, but of course, we could in addition to fantastic Chile Quiles, Nachos and their famous pulled pork enchiladas on blue corn tortillas. If you're looking for authentic Tex-Mex, this is it.

Georgetown Palace Theater

This unique theater in Georgetown offers professional-level stage performances embracing the local talent and amateur performers. There's always something unique, fun, and entertaining happening at the Palace Theater. For over 90 years, the theater has been serving Williamson County with unique performances such as the Addams Family, White Christmas, Catch Me If You Can, Sister Act, and Evita, just to name a few and they're always coming up with new and creative performances and comedy acts.

hidden gems in Sun City TexasInner Space Cavern

Discovered in 1963 by the Texas highway department during the construction of Interstate 35, the Inner Space Cavern was inaccessible prior to the construction so the department to drill the 2-foot wide hole down through 35 1/2 feet of limestone bedrock. This became known as the Discovery Whole and was the very first entrance into the cave. Today, there's over 5 miles of the cave making it the fourth largest in Texas. This is one of the most preserved caves in the state and is home to prehistoric animal bones, large rooms, and beautiful formations. It's a constant 72° year-round and never floods during rains but is available for tours year-round.

San Gabriel River

Located just east of downtown Georgetown, this relaxing Park is an ideal place for walking, jogging, picnicking, spending the afternoon napping under the giant live oak trees, or enjoy miles of walkways and it's never overcrowded. It's also home to the Blue Hole, a unique swimming hole just north of town along the river. You can enjoy Cliff jumping, serenity standing under the waterfalls, and just a great place to cool off. The river itself is formed in Georgetown by the confluence of the North Fork San Gabriel and the South Fork sand Gabriel, both originate in Burnet County.

General Store in Andice

If you blink you might miss it but this little hole in the wall just a few minutes up the road from Sun City Texas is a unique place to stop, grab some locally made favorites, and grabbed one of the most delicious hamburgers in the area. Whether you're looking for a unique gift, delicious pickles, and jams, or just need a burger and brew, the general store in Andice Texas is definitely a must-see.

Dale's Essenhaus Country Roadhouse

This is one truly Texas roadhouse. Getting its start back in 1966, Dale's Essenhaus has been well known for Homestyle cooking, the famous Walburger and just plain good food, Texas music, and a great family atmosphere. It's just a few more miles up the road from Sun City.

Sun City is also the gateway to the Texas Hill Country, a popular destination for day trips, weekends, or just exploring the beautiful countryside. Georgetown sits at the eastern edge of the hill country so it's a beautiful location or jumping-off point to explore the unique Texas Hill country.

Let us know if you've been to any of these amazing places. These are some of my favorites and I am a longtime resident of Sun City Texas and would love to show you more about this fantastic part of the country.

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May 7, 2020

Best Retirement Communities in Georgetown Texas

Finding the right place to live as a senior can be confusing since there are so many options out there and you don’t want to get stuck in a place that doesn’t feel like home. The name “retirement community” might make you think of bingo halls and nursing staff, but not at Sun City. Here residents can enjoy quality amenities while still keeping their independence.Best Retirement Communities in Georgetown Texas

Living in a senior community doesn’t mean you have to sit at home bored or stuck with the same activities every day. At Sun City, every month features a variety of events like performers, classes, dances, even movie nights. A team of volunteer trip planners schedules road trips around Texas and the surrounding states. The various clubs also host their own events like the Actors and Theatre Arts Guild that puts on three shows a year. There is even a travel agency in the community offering tours and cruises around the world.

Getting older and moving into a senior community isn’t the end of your personal hobbies or the loss of friends. In fact, there are tons of clubs dedicated to social activities and learning new skills. You can join the photography club, garden club or woodworkers club, you can learn to dance at the ballroom club, or get involved in sports with softball or golf club. If you want to learn more about the clubs check out the home page.

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You might think retirement communities are for people who are too old to care for themselves. But Sun City is an active senior neighborhood where people can still live independently in their own homes but have access to the resources they need to stay healthy. There are fitness centers with exercise equipment, trainers, and classes. The community also has a resource booklet with information about doctors and nursing homes just in case.

Best Retirement Communities in Georgetown TexasAnd don’t forget your furry friends because they are welcome here too. Enjoy Georgetown’s bountiful sun with your pet at the “Barking Lot,” Sun City’s private dog park. Dog owners can also participate in a three-level training course; beginner (for dogs without basic training), intermediate (for learning more commands), and advanced (for learning therapy skills). If you don’t have a pet yet, there are two animal shelters in the area where you can find your new best friend.

Retirement homes don’t have to be stuffy apartment buildings, dining rooms, and nights spent sitting around. Sun City is a place where residents can make new friends and spend time doing the things you love.

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April 21, 2020

6 Questions to Ask Before Relocating for Retirement

No matter what you decide to do, retirement will bring major changes to your life. One of the largest changes is the freedom to make large life choices liking packing up and moving wherever you have always wanted to be and just enjoy being there.

Before you make the decision to pack up all of your life’s belongings it is good to ask a few questions to help decide if it truly is the right decision for you personally. Here are some great retirement relocation questions to ask yourself.

What is My Primary Goal or Focus in Relocating?Questions to ask before relocating for retirement

Maybe you want to be on the beach in sunny weather, maybe you want easier access to your hobbies, maybe a climate change would improve your health, or maybe you just want to get away from what seems mundane and start afresh and exciting new adventure somewhere completely new. These are all good reasons to try something new, but make sure to thoroughly research where you want to go before going there.

Maybe you are hoping to find a home in a sunny area with great challenging golf courses to enjoy your favorite hobby all year long. Make sure the place you want to have plenty of quality courses available at a price you can afford and the weather is truly bearable all year.

What is the Cost of Living? How Will You or Will You Be Willing to Adjust?

You may have an idea of the cost of living for retirement right where you are at, but those costs may be very different in the place you want to be. Check out the income taxes, property taxes, transit costs, cost of gas, price of groceries and goods ( remote towns and tourist towns will have a higher cost because it is hard to ship goods in), cost of travel to visit relatives, cost of medical services, etc.

Will You Be Paying Taxes on Social Security Benefits?

Social Security is a helpful source of income for many retirees. Having to pay taxes on those benefits could be a drawback to what you can afford in your new life. Currently Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode, Island, Utah, Vermont, and West Virginia have some form of social security tax. Compare the price of the tax to the cost of living and let it help you decide if your move is an affordable one.

Questions to ask before relocating for retirementWill You be in an Area with Sufficient Medical Services?

This is a good question for anyone relocating at any age that we may not think about. Especially if we require any special medical care. While all areas have adequate medical facilities do they have the level of care that you would hope for?

Are There Day to Day Normal Life Comforts Available?

What do you enjoy in your typical daily life right now? Do you have routines, habits, or comforts that you enjoy? For instance, maybe you like going to a certain restaurant every Friday night. It feels nice and routine and fun. Is there a similar place or the same (if it’s a chain) place where you are moving? Will you be willing to give up those routine comforts for your new location?

Are Loved Ones Close Enough?

Moving away to a new location may mean moving further away from family and friends that are like family. Will they still be close enough that you or they can come to visit or will the distance bring more infrequent conversations and visits? Is this something that is ok?

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Relocating in retirement can bring a new world full of adventures, but it is always good to ask important questions to make sure you will truly love starting a new life.

For more information on living in Sun City Texas, finding a home in Sun City,  and neighborhoods in Sun City please contact me anytime.

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April 16, 2020

Staying Active at Sun City

Getting enough exercise is important for improving health and well-being, but it can be hard for people over 55 to keep active. Luckily, Sun City has plenty of amenities for residents looking to stay fit or just get outside to enjoy one of Georgetown’s many sunny days.Staying Active at Sun City

If you are a golfer looking to spend more time out on the green, this is the community for you. There are three golf courses a short golf cart drive away: Legacy Hills, Cowan Creek, and White Wing. Each of these courses is professionally designed and landscaped with 18 holes, driving ranges, and putting greens. Legacy Hills also has a fully stocked pro shop. The courses are open to the public but residents receive discounts when purchasing annual passes, punch cards, and merchandise. A dress code is enforced so make sure to look your best before packing up your clubs.

In addition to golf, residents can spend time outdoors with bocce ball, tennis, pickleball, and softball. There are several parks nearby with walking and hiking trails, and the Sun City Park includes a dog park so your furry companion can join you in stretching their legs and keeping active.

Check out the Sun City Floor Plans

Of course, sports are not for everyone, so Sun City also has two fitness centers available for all residents. Both of the centers include multiple pools (indoor and outdoor), cardio and muscular workout equipment, an aerobics studio, and personal training. Group classes are also taught at both locations for people who want to get moving but don’t want to do it alone. There are classes for cycling, yoga, water aerobics, full-body, cardio, even dance classes like Zumba and ballet. New members of the fitness centers are given complimentary orientations, a free session with a trainer and each household receives two passes for group classes. If a workout proves to be too much and you find yourself needing to relax, the Cowan Creek Fitness Center offers massage therapy services.

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Since being active is more fun with friends, why don’t you check out one Sun City’s many chartered clubs? The community has clubs for everything including softball, pickleball, tennis, bocce, hiking, cycling, even golf. For residents who want to put some groovin’ in their movin’, there is a ballroom club, a line dance club, and a square dancing club.

Keeping active doesn’t have to mean driving across town to go to the gym, here at Sun City fitness can be fun. For more information check out the Sun City Community Association page.

Did you know: Sun City Has Been Voted the Best Place to Retire in the Country?


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April 8, 2020

Where is the Best Place to Retire in the Country?

Where is the Best Place to Retire in the Country?

Sun City Texas has been consistently ranked as one of the best retirement places in America. Retirement Places Rated has stated multiple times that Sun City is one of the best places for folks to retire and we generally see people from the upper Midwest moving to this area because of the lower cost of living in a relatively mild climate.

Who else is moving to Sun City Texas?Best place to retire in the country

Although it was originally called Sun City Georgetown because the community is within the city boundaries of Georgetown, it's been referred to most recently as Sun City Texas because of its focus on attracting residents throughout the entire state.

This is not your last stop. I think a lot of people confuse retirement communities for were worn down, run-down, boring places to die in. That is absolutely not the case with Sun City. This is one of the most vibrant, active, and fun places to live not just in the state of Texas but potentially throughout the country. With three golf courses, a wide range of amenities and activities, restaurants, markets, shopping and more, you can have one of the best seasons of your life Sun City.

Sun City is generally geared toward recent retirees and it is been known demographically as not the last home or someone will live after retirement but the first home for active adults who play tennis, dance, do yoga and are actively participating in a vibrant social life. Most of these people are between the ages of 55 and 65, also known as "zoomer's" since they are the active segment of the baby boomer generation.

But, golfing and dancing isn't the only thing you can enjoy at Sun City. We have a variety of meeting rooms and conference rooms, a business center, hobby facilities where you can learn woodworking, a computer lab, ceramics, art, and gaming. There are lakes for fishing, numerous swimming pools, and recreational facilities, spas, and activity centers with aerobic and dance studios, clubs, nature trails, and ecological features throughout our 4100-acre community.

This is where the most recently retired come to live their best life. You've put up with everyone else over the years and every other business, and now it's time to enjoy a beautiful walk of life.

How much does it cost?

The median price per square foot is between $160 and $180 and the median rent is about $1800 per month. There are a variety of homes priced between $200,000 and $700,000. Homeowner's dues are roughly $100-$300 per month depending on the type of home you choose. This covers all common area maintenance, landscaping, management, community consistency, and maintenance to all of the great amenities that you get to enjoy.

Start your online search here for all the great listings currently for sale in Sun City Texas. This is what I focus on… I love Sun City and I would love to help you buy or sell a property in this community or answer any questions you might have about one of the best places to retire in the state of Texas.

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By SEC Planning, LLC12357 Riata Trace ParkwaySuite A205Austin, Texas 78727 - SEC Planning, LLC12357 Riata Trace ParkwaySuite A205Austin, Texas 78727, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52494667

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April 2, 2020

Best Practices During Covid -19 Rugg Realty


Rugg Realty Best Practices Update

During Covid-19 Pandemic

Updated April 2, 2020


Changes to MLS

·       Appointment with agent

·       Add See showing instructions for Covid 19 guidelines to agent only remarks

·       Rugg Realty agent will disinfect the lock box, key, front door handle, light switches, patio door handles & interior door handles at the end of that day after there have been showings.

·       If you have a showing after the first showing of the day, the lock box, door handle & light switches will not yet have been cleaned.  In this case it is the showing agent’s responsibility to protect themselves and their clients by bringing a suitable disinfectant to prepare the property surfaces to show.

For Sellers of Occupied Homes

·       As in the past, homeowners should not be present during showings

·       Once the showing is completed & homeowner returns to the property, you should disinfect surfaces i.e. front door handle, light switches, patio door handles, and interior door handles

for Sellers of Unoccupied   Homes

·       At the end of each day where there have been showings, your Rugg Realty agent will visit the property & disinfect the lock box, key, front door handle, light switches, patio door handles & interior door handles.

For Buyer Clients of Rugg Realty

·       We will ride in separate cars to maintain social distancing

·       The Rugg Realty agent will access the electronic key, box open the door, and enter the property first.

·       Buyers should expect a normal showing, with the exception that the Rugg Realty agent will open doors, turn on & off lights

Thank you for your understanding we are trying to do the right thing for everyone’s protection.  Brian Rugg Brian@RuggRealty.com


Be Safe

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March 17, 2017

Sun City Texas Floor Plans Provided Courtesy of Rugg Realty

Sun City Texas has been around for  20 years and during that time, there have been dozens of different floor plans built.  It makes sense when you think about it, that the tastes of buyers change over time and builders need to offer product people want to buy.


When buyers look at resale homes they frequently want to see the floor plan. Than can be a little tricky is a home has been out of production for a decade or more,  The  answer however, is really pretty simple. Rugg Realty has assembled a list of virtually all the floor plans ever used and posted them on our web site, Rugg Realty.com.  Floor plans are organized by name in alphabetical order, and include the square footage for reference. The can easily be found clicking the link below:


Sun City Texas Floor Plans


Check it out and see what you think.  These floor plans are the property of Del Webb and provided as a convenience and courtesy by Rugg Realty.


Brian Rugg 512-966-3200 Brian@RuggRealty.com


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Feb. 18, 2017

New To Market 102 Trinity LN Home For Sale

New To Market

102 Trinity LN Home For Sale In Sun City by

Rugg Realty LLC


New To Market 102 Trinity LN Home For Sale In Sun City Texas by Rugg

Offered at $265,000

Below County Tax Appraisal Value


Beautiful Copper Ridge floor plan on hilltop location. All brick, granite, raised panel staggered kitchen cabinets, pendent lights, east backing covered patio, bronze fixtures, crown molding & tall base boards, 125’ deep lot w/great possibilities. Price reduced below county tax value, ready for immediate sale. Similar to Cambridge/Pickett. Consider this instead of Grey Myst, or Pine Spring and get bigger rooms w/open concept, or compare to Surrey Crest & Vernon Hill for better value. See it & love it.


For tons of photos, virtual tour & Link to MLS data follow link below:


Click Here For 102 Trinity Web Page






2 Bedroom Plus Office, 2 bath Home $265,000


  •       All Brick home built in 2012 on hilltop location & 125’ deep lot
  •       East backing extended patio from builder, w/fan
  •       Raised panel kitchen cabinets w/staggered layout
  •       Under counter lighting package & cabinet rollouts
  •       Granite countertop in kitchen
  •       Upgraded kitchen diagonal backsplash with medallion inserts
  •       Pendent light package in kitchen
  •       Tall vanities & cabinets above commodes
  •       Added coach lite
  •       Glass insert front door
  •       Builder landscape package
  •       Oiled bronze fixtures throughout home
  •       Upgraded carpets & pad
  •       Additional phone cable outlets
  •       Rocker switches
  •       Additional crown molding and 5 ¼” baseboards throughout
  •       Added ceiling fans
  •       Priced below county tax appraisal value. Just $265,000
  •       1696 Sq Ft./Builder              2016 Taxes $6,451
  •       Call Brian Rugg 512-818-6700 for personal showing


Rugg Has You Covered In Sun City Texas

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