Welcome to your retirement! You have the whole world ahead of you now that you aren’t on the 9 to 5. But what are you supposed to do with all this free time? Here are 10 things that will hopefully keep you occupied through your golden years.

10 Things to Do When You're Retired

Travel the world - Being retired means you don’t have to worry about saving up your vacation time. Whether you are going around the world or just across the state, get out there and see something new.

Create your dream home - You’re about to spend a lot more time at home, so make it the space of your dreams. Plan that big renovation you never got around to or put some fresh paint on the walls. Maybe your dream home is in another state or down the road. Or maybe it’s time to trade in your four walls for four wheels and take your dream home on the road with a trailer or RV.

Volunteer - Give back to your community and stay busy by volunteering at a local organisation. Animal shelters, food banks, churches and youth organizations can always use an extra hand.

Get an education - You’re never too old to learn something new. Keep your mind sharp and check out what your local community colleges are offering, or see if there are any clubs in the area that teach something you have always wanted to learn.

10 Things to Do When You're Retired

Spend time with family - Visiting your family can become a hassle when you are trying to work around a job schedule, especially if you live far away. Use the time you now have to visit the people you haven’t seen in a while.

Make new friends - Living in a senior living community doesn’t have to be dull. Go to some of the planned events or join a club to meet new people who share your interests.

10 Things to Do When You're Retired

Start a new hobby - Retirement is a great time to start a new hobby. You can pick up anything from photography, cards, art, fishing, gardening and so much more. See if there is a club in your community that caters to the hobby and you might even make new friends.

Stay active - Don’t let getting older stop you from keeping active. Go for a walk around the block, take a class at the fitness center, or see if there is a local sports team you can join.

Get a part-time job - Not having a job and having a lot of free time might not appeal to some seniors. Keep busy by getting a part-time job at a business you like or start your own. You can kill time and make some money on the side.

Do nothing - This is your retirement and you can spend it however you want. You can lounge around by the pool, get comfy with a good book, or take a walk in the park; the possibilities are endless. Do you dream of doing nothing? Well do it!

Your golden years are a time for you to relax and find yourself again. But it’s important to remember to live within your means, you don’t want to run out of savings halfway through your retirement. Make the most of it by doing all the things you couldn’t while you were working and who knows maybe you will discover something you never knew you liked.

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