Obviously, we know that social distancing is helping keep this virus at bay. But folks in Sun City Texas are getting antsy. And that's normal! But many residents have found a way to stay connected all by the most effective transportation in Sun City - Golf Carts.

And we even made the news!Golf Carts Keep Folks Close in Sun City Texas

Statesman.com stated that several residents took to their golf carts this past week driving around separately to chat with neighbors at a safe distance. Our golf course is currently closed along with many amenity centers and even fishing but people still want to check on their neighbors.

Many people were out sitting in their front yards, laughing and chatting up with other people driving by and golf carts. Typically, many of us get together and play games or participate in book clubs but now, we're simply leaving things on people's porches. Most of us still agree with the stay-at-home order because we want to be safe and because most of us are in that older age bracket. However, we can't stay locked up forever, sometimes phone calls and video chats just don't cut it. Were going a little stir crazy over here so if you see one of us driving by in a golf cart, simply wave and if you feel comfortable, come out and chat at a safe distance.

Golf Carts in Sun City

When people golf, the course requires everyone to use a motorized golf cart during play on each course. There is no more than two golf carts allowed in a foursome and personal golf carts must conform to the approved Sun City specifications posted at the golf committee website. No more than two individuals can ride on a golf cart at any one time and most people use them to and from the golf course. But because the golf course is now closed, we are using our golf carts for other reasons.

All golf carts driven on the course must be registered with the community association and have an assigned identification number. All carts must also have turf type tires.

So if you're brave enough, hop in your golf cart, tour the neighborhood, and get out and see some of your fellow community members. We're out there waiting for you.

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