Did you know Rugg Realty is now the 3rd Largest Home Listing Company In Sun City Texas?

Rugg Realty entered the Sun City real estate market in mid-2010 starting at zero. Since then we have grown steadily to become the 3rd largest real east listing and sales company in Sun city Texas.  This quite remarkable since we don’t “list” homes for sale…….we market them. 

You may also be interested to learn that Rugg Realty is the number 1 listing broker in several important performance categories:


  • Rugg Realty #1 with fewest number of days on market among companies who sell at least 10 properties


  • Rugg Realty #1 with the highest Sales Price to List Price Ratio among companies who sell at least 10 properties


As a home seller in Sun City Texas, this means money in your pocket.  Call Rugg Realty today and see how we can make this happen for your home.

What does “Rugg Has You Covered” mean for Sellers? 

This more than a catchy tag line. Rugg Realty LLC has depth of knowledge, extensive experience, business acumen, and hard working individuals that put their client’s needs first. 

For Sellers this means: 

  • We can sell even hard to sell properties

  • We stage & present homes better than anyone

  • We sell a high percentage of the home we agree to market

  • We have a steady stream of buyers focused on Sun City Texas  unsurpassed by anyone

  • We know this market as well (or better) than anyone e.g. Sun City Texas Real Estate Report published monthly

  • We deliver results …… every home we agree to market is sold.

  • All Rugg Realty LLC agents live in Sun City Texas and know it well.

  • Our “Office on the Cloud” business plan gives us flexibility no other broker can match.                                                                         

We mean it when we say, "Rugg Has You Covered"