Sun City Texas home buying

Sun City Texas Home Buying Process

Graphic Above Depicts the Sun City Texas Home Buying Process



Thanks for inquiring about Sun City Texas.  We can arrange for you to receive all the properties in Sun City that match your criteria, updated daily, and viewable through you’re the Rugg Realty web site.  Even if you are not ready to purchase right now, this gives you a chance to see what’s available and photos of each property.  

Every homeowner pays $1110 annually for use of the clubhouses, multiple pools, Jacuzzis, exercise rooms, wood shop, craft & hobby rooms, and all common areas maintenance. This is quite a bargain for world-class amenities at just $93 per month.  Most home owners have independent lawn service and gardening companies take care of their lawns, so anyone can achieve the “lock it and leave it” lifestyle.

Sun City Texas has so much to offer it is difficult to present the community and do it justice without being here and seeing it in person.  I hope you make plans to visit and with advanced notice, we can block out time to show you around and give you our “nickel” tour.

Rugg Realty LLC is a full time, professional, real estate brokerage with multiple agents focused on Sun City Texas. All our agents personally live here in Sun City Texas or own property here and know the community well.  Rugg Realty LLC sells both re-sale homes as well as new homes and helps existing homeowners market their properties for sale or lease.  Rugg Realty LLC has been the fastest growing brokerage in Sun City Texas for the past several years and currently the third largest overall. We are different for the big box realtors who may treat you like a number. Rugg Realty is the perfect size real estate broker to give you personalized, unparalleled attention to your needs during and after your home search.

If you do have an interest in new homes, be certain to register Rugg Realty LLC as your buyer’s agent at the new home sales center when you check in.  Even if you have already visited the new home sales center on your own, it is never too late to be represented by Rugg Realty LLC before you make a purchase.   Many buyers do not realize they can have a buyer’s agent in the purchase of a new home too.   Not only will you be represented in the process (since the sales person only works for the seller, not you), Rugg Realty is offering rebates to buyers of $600 on Garden Homes, $900 on Classic Series, or $1200 on Estates Series for new homes.   This really is the best of all worlds, since our fee is 100% covered by the seller, the cost of the house does not go up (& may even go down), you have buyer representation from trained professional at Rugg Realty LLC , and we rebate you a portion of the fee we receive on a new home purchase.  It doesn’t get better than this.

Have you sold your home yet? If not, we may able to help. Rugg Realty knows the top real estate agents all over the country, even in your home town.  We can find the right person to sell your home for top dollar in the shortest amount of time.  If your home is in Central Texas, Rugg Realty may even sell your home ourselves. We can handle all the details and coordinate your sale with your purchase and save you some money in the process. Give us a call for a no obligation proposal on how we can help.

Finally, the Sun Rays magazine is the official publication of Sun City Texas and is a wealth of information about our community.  Sun Rays is now available online by following the link:


Link to Sun Rays Magazine


Our Rugg Realty ad is found on the back cover of every issue of the Sun Rays magazine.

I look forward to helping you discover our wonderful community and make Sun City Texas your new home.  Please let me know how else we can help. 512-966-3200



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Floor Plans? Are you looking for Sun City Texas Floor Plans? Look no further.  Rugg Realty has assembled all the floor plans built by Sun City Texas over the past  20 year. Just follow this handy link to go directly to the Floor Plan page: Floor Plans for Sun City Texas